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Property for Sale in Sharjah: 5 Interesting New Projects & Launches

The most common available properties for sale in Sharjah are apartments and villas, but there are also duplexes, land, and penthouses for sale. The city of Sharjah is one of the most property-friendly locations in the UAE, and the build of its residential amenities and developments reflect this accurately. The city is a unique emirate which successfully blends contemporary, modern living with cultural lifestyle and heritage. As the only emirate which shares a border with six others, Sharjah is the third largest and third most populous emirate in the UAE. Sharjah is a green land with a strong focus on art and culture. This is reflected in the interesting new projects and launches in the Sharjah emirate. Below are five interesting new property projects and launches in Sharjah.

Sharjah property market

  1. Maryam Island: Maryam Island is nestled in the center of Sharjah. There are several retail outlets and residential apartments, four- and five-star hotels, beverage and waterfront food outlets. Including a “souq”, Sharjah offers various state-of-the-art facilities such as a fitness club, a swimming pool, a spa and a play area for children. Maryam Island is a first-of-its-kind waterfront development that is taking the Sharjah’s tourism industry by storm. With a wide range of amazing amenities and distinct gastronomical offerings, Maryam Island is set to be the ultimate lifestyle and leisure destination. As it offers the needed privacy to tenants, guests, owners, and visitors, purchasing property in Maryam Island should be worth it.

maryam island sharjah

  1. Shoumous Residential Complex: Shoumous Properties announced the launch of this $149M residential project in Sharjah in 2015. Since then, several have shown interest in purchasing property, especially with its claims to be the first ever in the UAE to provide its customers with the freedom for planning and building their own custom dream homes. Located in the Al Tai district of Sharjah, the Shoumous complex is a whole-service integrated and gated facility with three parks, a commercial center, a hypermarket, and two mosques.

Shoumous Residential Complex sharjah

  1. Buhrairah Corniche: As one of the best-appearing, sea-facing locales in Sharjah, the Corniche is one of the most popular locations for property sale. The environs are generally spacious and include proximity to restaurants and shops. No compromises were made on the sizes, quality and general layout of the properties in the Corniche. It also includes top-notch facilities and amenities like gyms and swimming pools.

buhaira corniche sharjah

  1. Al Nahda: This is a prevalent location for purchasing properties in Sharjah. As its residents are on the Dubai-Sharjah border, commuting to the central city doesn’t consume much time unlike those who live further inland of Sharjah.

Al Nahda sharjah

  1. Al Tawuun: This is another exciting launch in Sharjah to purchase the property from. As it’s close to the family-friendly and popular location – Al Qasba, owners, tenants, and guests get to enjoy the cafes, restaurants, Ferris wheel, and art space. It also includes a popular fountain for cooling splashes in very hot months.

Al Tawuun sharjah

Now that you are aware of property for sale in Sharjah, you can consider your options for your dream home.