This is a department under the Ministry of Commence, Thailand. The Company Registration Section administrates the incorporation and registration of juristic persons, one of which is the limited (liability) company. Any amendments to the company such as change of company’s address, list of shareholders and directors etc. are registered here as well. The DBD, Suratthani branch, which is located on the mainland, administrates and registers limited companies incorporated on Koh Samui.

All official company documents are in Thai language. It usually comes in a set, documenting the name and address of the company, business objectives, list of shareholders and directors, by-laws (if any) of the company etc. A point to note is that for every set of company documents issued by the DBD, there is a date stamped on it. This stipulates the date of which the information contained therein is accurate. Depending on the usage of such company documents, an updated set may be required. For example, to open a corporate bank account, the bank may require a set of company documents not older than 3 months.

All active companies must prepare and file the audited account to the DBD and the Revenue Department yearly. Failing which, severe penalties may be imposed on the company and the director.