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The Five Best Areas to Buy a Villa in UAE: A Guide for Retirees & Expats

The demand for real estate in the UAE has never been higher. The strong economic growth, the number of people that come to work in the UAE, all that contribute to keeping the demand high.

Expats in UAE are counted in millions, and there are more coming regularly. Those that have been there for a while are well settled and know their way around. On the other hand, new expats and retirees that just got in the country might find it a bit challenging navigating through UAE’s dynamic real estate market.

We have assembled this mini guide that can help retirees and expats find villas for sale in the United Arab Emirates, as well as other real estate properties. Here are the best areas to buy a villa in UAE if you are a retiree or an expat:

#5 Ajman

Ajman is the capital of UAE’s smallest emirate that carries the same name – Ajman. According to research completed by a Swiss agency, Ajman offers the highest rental yields in the world, set at 9.6% per year. That is if you are looking to buy and rent your villa.

Ajman villa

Even if you are buying a villa to live in it, it still is a pretty good investment. The real estate in Ajman is steadily growing year by year. The predictions are that Ajman’s development and economic growth are going to keep on rising in the following years.

Unlike Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Ajman has a low cost of living and is well-connected to the rest of the country. Then there is its vibrant community of expats and retirees.

#4 Mirdif

Once it was a long way from Dubai, nowadays is well-connected suburbia on the outskirts of the city. Mirdaf is a thriving community featuring various shops, schools, park, playgrounds for children, and its super mall. The cost of living is pretty decent, as well as the price of real estate. It’s perfect for expats that want to live in villas with gardens. There are apartments as well, but the villas make cover most of the real estate landscape.

Mirdif villa

#3 International City

This area is expanding with a very fast pace and is home to a vast community of expats. Prices are affordable, at least for Dubai villa standards. There are plenty of cafeterias, restaurants, cinemas, parks, schools, social clubs, and so on. The area is considered to be more suitable for couples and singles.

International City villa

#2 Mohamed Bin Zayed City

This is a family-friendly area that is one of the quietest in Abu Dhabi. Even though a good chunk of it is still in development, there are plenty of great villas on the market. Then there are numerous recreational spaces, parks, authentic restaurants, playgrounds, and other facilities.

Mohamed Bin Zayed City

#1 Sharjah

Sharjah is a bit more conservative community than Dubai and is considered as the most cultural city in all UAE. In the recent few years, it experienced rapid economic growth. As a result, the number of expats has doubled in a short period. However, that hasn’t changed the positive vibe of the city and its appeal.

Sharjah villa

Expats and retirees there will find a quiet, affordable, and thriving community in which human and cultural values prevail. For villas for sale in Sharjah visit FazWaz, a reliable property agency in UAE.