All registered dealings in land and structure is recorded in the Land Department (or Land Office), a branch is located on Koh Samui. In Thai, it is transliterated as “Groom Tee-Din” or “Sam Ngak Ngan Tee-Din”, “Tee-Din” being the word for land in Thai, if you have not noticed.

Transfer of ownership, lease, mortgages, lien, servitude (easement), sub-division, upgrade etc. are all applied for and registered here. Unlike several other countries in the world, it has been known that there is no official land search (due diligence) system in place by the Land Department, Thailand, for the general public. Searches are normally done through qualified legal professionals.

Apart from registered dealings, the Land Department conducts land surveys to ascertain land boundaries and area. It is also the agency for placement and re-placement of Chanote (Nor Sor 4 Jor) markers.