Some call it City Hall or City Municipal, depending on where you come from. In Thai, it is transliterated as “Tasabaan”. Its core function is the administration, regulation, installation and construction of the District’s infrastructure and utilities. This is where one would contact regarding public roads, installing of electric poles, drainage system etc.

Before a house, villa, apartment or any permanent structure can be built, a building permit must first be applied for and issued by the Municipality. Needless to say, architectural plans and related documents of the proposed structure have to be submitted to the Municipality for consideration and approval. The proposed construction must be within the local and national building regulations. Some of the major considerations include the possession title and location/zone of the proposed site, the rights of the applicant, building height, distance of walls and roof overhang from the land boundaries.

On approval and issuance, the building permit normally contains information such as the name of the applicant, short description of the structure, the land on which the same is to be built on and the date of issuance and expiry of the permit.

Upon completion of the construction and the satisfied inspection by the officials of the Municipality, the House Registration Book (transliterated as “Tabian Baan”) is issued. This is where the official address of the house is documented. A common misconception of the House Registration Book is that many think that it represents the title or ownership of the house. The House Registration Book is merely a document for registering the house (structure) and the name(s) written in the Book reflects the occupant(s) of the house, not the legal and beneficial owner. At most, the House Registration Book can only be used as a part evidence of ownership.

In the event the house is sold or leased, registration is done at the Land Department, not the Municipality.

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