When remitting funds for acquiring real estate into Thailand, it is advised that

• the funds be remitted in foreign currency (GBP, EUR, USD etc.) and NOT in Thai Baht,
• the purpose of the remittance should be stated as “FOR INVESTMENT IN THAILAND” or “TO PURCHASE PROPERTY IN THAILAND” or the equivalent,
• each individual remittance in foreign currency should exceed USD$20,000 or in the case of other foreign currency, the equivalent of 800,000 Thai Baht.

Satisfying these conditions, the Bank of Thailand can issue a Foreign Exchange Transaction Certificate (or some call it Exchange Control Form). This Certificate allows the repatriation of the same amount of funds, back to the same sender, at a later date, without incurring tax. This is useful for investors who do not want their funds to be tied in a certain country.

For more information regarding this subject, one should contact the banks