Vietnam Real Estate: The Trending Foreign Investment

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Foreigners are constantly drawn to the Vietnam real estate market, and this is due to its huge growth in the economy. Also, Vietnam legal regulations were amended to create conditions that are favorable for foreigners who buy properties in Vietnam. The local demands of properties are on the increase, which further brought the high rise in real estate development. (more…)

Koh Samui Property Market in 2020 – Expert Forecast

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Koh Samui has already made its name as one of the most popular international holiday destinations as it attracts visitors from every part of the world. At the same time, that popularity speaks opportunity for many investors, both local and foreign.

But before we go into what we expect to see in the Koh Samui property market in 2020, here’s a quick flashback into the past and the current state of affairs in the property industry. (more…)