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Luxembourg Rentals Tips for Renting a Property

If you compared the prices of a house or apartment in Luxembourg, it is quite high than others. Owning a property is very popular. About 75% of the population owns a home. Others purchase land and build their dream house.

For those who are going to Luxembourg for work and will stay there temporarily, they can rent an apartment or house. Most expats are renting for a certain period, as they can’t afford the hassle and price of purchasing a home in Luxembourg.

Here is a short guide for buying or renting a home in Luxembourg. This includes where to find a property in the country and what you should keep in mind.

Looking For a House or Apartment to Rent in Luxembourg

Renting a property is quite expensive, particularly in the center of the city, where a two-bedroom apartment will cost you over EUR 1,000, and a single bedroom is around EUR800 or higher. However, the price in the surrounding towns is a bit lower.


Finding a property is not easy at all, as most owners usually don’t post a for sale sign. There are various ways to find a property to rent, whether you are still overseas or already in the country.

How to Find a Property in Luxembourg?

  • If you know someone from Luxembourg, you can ask them to help you find a property for sale or rent. They might be living in an area where there is one and that you will get interested in.
  • Check out ads in local newspapers.
  • You can check rental agencies or visit estate in the country or their websites.
  • Some of the property for sale or rent are posted on boards in supermarkets, offices, shop windows, and universities.
  • Read newsletters from local organizations, churches, and clubs.
  • Check online listing posted by some homeowners that consider sharing their rooms.
  • You can choose either an unfurnished property at a low price or a furnished apartment for a higher price. Most of the time, the house or apartment is being rented for six months to a year.

Luxembourg Rental Contracts

Before you move in, on your chosen property, you need to sign a lease or rental contract first. If you are having a hard time understanding the deal, let an expert translate it to you. Make sure that the agreement bears your name, address, additional privileges, and the furniture included if the property is furnished.


Details about payment should include the price of your monthly rent, date of payment, and maybe a form of payment.

Most homeowners will require a deposit, which may vary from one to three months’ rent. Generally, you will be asked to sign a rental contract for a fixed term of three years. However, if you will be staying for a shorter period, you can arrange for a shorter time.

Another option is to get a diplomatic clause included in the contract. The clause allows you to advise the owner in a written notice that you want to terminate the lease. You should send the notice one month before the date. However, this is only applicable if your reason for leaving is job-related.

The Luxembourg rentals contract is a well-organized written agreement between you and the landlord that will protect you and the owner’s rights.